Victoria Bonesis the sibling of Larry Bones, and one of the main antagonist in the Modifyers Unite series.

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Victoria Bones is the daughter of the Skeleton Family. Larry Bones is her older brother. She sometimes assist Larry bones by helping her brother out. She loves Justin Bindle as her current boyfriend. And she sometimes assist Larry bones by helping her brother out.

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Victoria is a female skeleton, black eyes, white pupils, and short black hair, with a long ponytail at the top and at the back of her head held by a bone hair clip. She also wears green lipstick.

Victoria's usual clothing on her upper body consists of a black sleeveless shirt with a gray stripe on her neck, and a grey belt around her shirt. Her lower body consists of gray pants, with long black boots. She also wears a pair of black and green shoulder armor on both of her shoulders.

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