Victor Boo's

Victor Boo's

Victor Boo's is an evil undead ghost mob boss that tries to kill The Modifyers. And he use to work for Larry Bones. Until that he wanted to quite.

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Victor is a seductive, hard-rocking ghost Adult with disrespect towards any kind of authority figure. He obviously has a great amount of pride in his singing abilities, as he wanted revenge on The Modifyers for ruining his vocal cords. He also has somewhat of a childish personality. However, he doesn't seem to be easily offended as he usually ignores Agent Marc when he drives insults towards him. He shares his hatred of adult authority with Larry Bones, and he is distressed when things don't go the way he wants.

Also, Victor is one of Larry bones powerful minions that he possesses six ghost's to make them as ghost singers. He has never failed Larry Ever once. But after that the concert was ruined and everyone hated his song now Victor has failed larry's plan.


Green straight hair, blue and green skin, Black suite, Black eyes, Black eyebrows, Skeleton jaw, Skeleton Nose, Blue ears.

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