Former District Attorney Sullivan spectra, AKA Mr. Toxins is a villain with a anger personality.His every dicision is dictated by a judge book,scarred on one part that he'll do the right,or the other part that he'll do the wrong.And sometimes he will have a anger that he can't control himself.

General Information Edit

  • Gender = Male
  • Species = Human(but mostly chemicals)

Personal Information Edit

  • Age = 50
  • Residence = Forgo City,San Diego California
  • Alignment = Evil
  • Occuption = Former District Attorney in Forgo city,Evil boss master of Green chemical monsters
  • Status = Alive

Relationships Edit

  • Katz (Currently he hates the modifyers.But his friend is still katz their boss)
  • Madeline J (Best Friend)
  • Vampire Boy (Best Villain Partner)
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