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Larry Bones is the Dark lord of the undead kingdom of the skeletons. Larry can create evil skeletons for his army of skeletons.

"The Best Nightmares Never End!"
— Larry Bones


The darkness skeleton like appearance and big evil smile hide a devious mind bent on creating as much trouble as possible for his archenemy Agent Marc.His array of weapons includes his Long Undead sword, Deadly Magic Skull. And a very Powerful Undead book The Book of Skeletons.Larry Bones is one Forgo city's beyond wanted criminal.And he has his own kingdom of evil army of Undead skeletons.


  • Larry Bones is a skeleton .The hair of his color is black. He has black eyebrows. The color of his eyes are Black eyeballs and the color of his pupils are white. The Clothing that he is wearing are a black hooded cape, A gray robe with a skeleton logo attached on it, along with a black belt with a green skull. On his shoulders are skull armor. The color of his gloves are Dark-ish gray. and he is carrying his deadly sword. And the color of his shoes are black.



  • Not only that he makes an army of evil skeletons, but he still loves emo's and goths because of his original girlfriend Emily and his original friend Chet when he was a human before which he was Leonardo Beauregard. But also he loves to have Bone-type of furniture, and a little Gothic type of furniture. but his he sleeps with a skeleton stuffed toy.