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Lacey Shadows

Lacey Shadows Is the alter ego of Agent Xero and also Baron Vain's favorite henchwoman, and one of the personalities Xero's disguises as. Her first of only two appearances is in the drain, along with Rat, taking away his credit.

General Information

  • Voice Actress = Samara Weaving
  • Gender = Female
  • Species = Human

Personal Information

  • Age = 22
  • Nationality = Australian
  • Residence = Forgo City (San Diego/California)
  • Alignment = Evil
  • Affiliations = Baron Vain's Legion of Evil
  • Occuption = Still trying to Stay pretty for Boyfriend Agent Marc. But in Goth. And working for Baron vain.
  • Status = Alive



  • Lacey's personality is different from that of her original. She is very sneaky and clever whenever Xero disguised as her to foil Baron Vain's evil schemes. She is somewhat athletic, tough, and sarcastic. Unlike Xero, she is really tomboyish and loves to mess with Rat at any oppurtunity. She is also not much of a team player, noting that while she and Rat both were on the same team, "and I'm the team captain ."