Heather Holzwurm is one of the fifth protagonist in the Modifyers Unite series.

Description Edit

Heather Holzwurm is a adult goth,that used to be a student that works for Professor John. But then she wanted to help Agent Marc,and The Modifyers.

Biography Edit

She was told by John that he needed assistance for skeletal experiments, but instead Professor John quickly chained around her stomach for extra protection.

Heather was dragged underneath the basement stairs by Undead Pablo trying to turn her into a skeleton while Marc was searching the basement for Pablo. Marc, believing her to be dead, escapes the basement and waits for Pablo at its entrance. However, Marc quickly reloaded his nine-barreled shotgun going back down to the basement and carefully looking for Heather. But somehow she escaped from certain death, and Marc quickly took her back up stairs, where she could be safe.

Appearance Edit

Heather has fair skin, violet eyes, and purple hair with a small gray skull hair clip at the top and at the left side of her head. She also wears purple lipstick.

Heather's usual clothing consists of a black choker around her neck. Her upper body consists of a light brown-purplish long sleeve shirt and over it is a dark army green short sleeve shirt. Her lower body consists of a black skirt, black and black and turquoise leggings, and black running shoes with a gray lugs.

Personality Edit

Heather's personality is enjoyable than the stereotypical "goth" persona that is usually shown. She can be rational, enjoyable, funny, cute, passionate, strong-willed, but also good-hearted and caring.

Relationships Edit

  • Agent Marc was her first best friend and/hero too, after that she was save from the giant evil skeleton Undead Pablo. She also kinda thinks that Marc is cute and handsome. And ever since she was saved, she now joins The Modifyers.
  • Agent Xero was her second best friend. Her and Xero would sometimes go shopping for nice furniture for Agent Marc's House. But in sometimes when they're are separated from Marc and the others, Heather and Xero would solve mysteries and fight crime together.
  • Argle Suppergist was her third best friend. Whenever she needs help from moving objects, Argle would give her and hand to move objects into different locations. Even though they are best friends, but Argle is not that type of person that is into Gothic Architecture, but he only likes Heather for a friend only.
  • Adam was her fourth best friend. They would party together, play video games, and watch horror movies together too. But when it comes to mission's, Heather and Adam would work together to solve some clues, mysteries, and fight crime too.
  • Professor John was her original science college teacher, that she would do experiments with him. But after that since the chaotic part at the Abandon Building with Pablo, John left her and Marc. So Heather quit working for him and now she works fro The Modifyers.
  • Undead Pablo was her first encountered by a skeleton, that she was scared by him. He would try to turn Heather into a skeleton, but he attempts to fail, because of Marc resceuing her.
  • Lacey Shadows is her best friend goth that she doesn't know that she is really Agent Xero but in a disguise. Her and Lacey would go fight some mob gangs. But Heather is unaware that she is Agent Xero, and that how Lacey is a Hench-woman that works for Baron Vain.
  • Larry Bones was her first villain that she fought. Even though she has a gray skull hair clip on her head, that doesn't mean that she's evil, so when there was a battle; Heather would help Marc by fighting against Larry Bones.
  • Vampire Boy Even though Vampire Boy is a villain, but she would have some feelings about him. Because of his loneliness before. And they are both into Gothic Architecture, because Heather is a goth and Vampire boy is a vampire. They would both have feelings of each other sometimes.

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