Crazy BoneHead is a skeleton chainsaw-maniac that works for Larry Bones. And also part in the Skeleton Army.

Description Edit

Crazy Bonehead is an undead biker, that he would sometimes drive around in his Bone Motorcycle, to find some humans to turn them into skeletons, with his deadly weapon the Doom Skull. But mostly he would scare people with his deadly weapon a chainsaw. And he would hang out with the Undead Bikers sometimes, because he is a biker as well, but he would most likely would hang out with or help Aaron.

Appearances Edit

Crazy Bonehead is a skeleton, black eyes, white pupils, and black hair.

Crazy Bonehead's usual clothing consists of white sleeveless shirt on the inside of hi upper body, but he is wearing a dark blue leather jacket around him on his upper body. His lower body consists of black pants, and black shoes. He also wears a pair of black gloves both of his hands, and he appears to be holding is a chainsaw with some orange colors.

Relationships Edit

  • Larry Bones is his boss and / King, that he would obey his king which of course that is Larry.
  • Aaron is his one and only undead biker best friend. He would sometimes help him by trying to defeat The Modifyers, with there deadly weapons, but they attempt to fail.
  • Carly for the first time Crazy BoneHead's girlfriend is one of Victoria's Hench women that her name is Carly.
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