Cathy Wiseman

Cathy Wiseman

Catherine Galore Wiseman nicknamed Cathy is a little cheerleader that always wants to be a member of the cheerleader group. And a best friend of Agent Xero.

General Information Edit

  • Gender = Female
  • Species = Human

Personal Information Edit

  • Age = 12
  • Relatives = Julie Wiseman (Mother)
  • Residence = Forgo City,San Diego California
  • Alignment = Good
  • Occuption = Being a cheerleader,amd helping out the modifyers
  • Status = Alive

Relationships Edit

Personality Edit

  • Cathy is a shy but intelligent girl who loves working with new things overnight and daily. However, despite this, she can also be seen as spoiled, bratty and rude to her mother. She is also seen to be a crybaby, because whenever she sees Xero leaving from her, she will break down and cry. She is very sensitive.She mostly hangs out with xero and sir tiger.
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