"You mess with the wrong girl!"
— After Xero defeating Victoria Bones

Agent Xero is one of Marc's best friends, and one of the members for The Modifyers.

Description Edit

Agent Xero is one of the second main character and protagonist for the Modifyers Unite series, based on the animated pilot which got rejected by Nickelodeon. She is the master of disguise of the secret organization known as The Modifyers. Xero uses her Ring, which she uses to communicate with her boss Katz, and curently boyfriend Marc Bellington.

Appearance Edit

Xero has fair skin, blue eyes, and long pink hair with orange highlights, red highlights and dark pink shadows. She also wears purple lipstick.

Her upper body consists of a white camisole. Her lower body consists of a black shorts, black fish net legggings, and black latex boots. She also wears a pink ring around her left index finger.

Personality Edit

Agent Xero is a 22 year old girl. Her nationality And the second agent for the The Modifyers. And she will always call Marc "Marky". She is cute and pretty on the outside; but on the inside, she fights for justice. Xero takes her job seriously, but has a notion of bending the rules slightly. She can also be quite clumsy at times, since Xero's missions sometimes fail and she doesn't always know how to react.

Relationships Edit

Marc Bellington Throughout the series, Marc considers Xero to be one of his best friends. The two frequently quarrel, but they still reconcile and support each other. In certain ways, Xero is actually the most enthusiastic of the team when it comes to Marc's Weapons and their potential. Many times when he expresses his desire to be rid of his abilities and have a normal mid-adult life.

Argle Suppergist Xero considers Argle her best friend, but the two are quite opposites (his video game habits as opposed to her girly game habits, his lighthearted behavior to her more down-to-earth method) and often bicker over even the mundane reasons.

Adam Xero sometimes considers him to be an annoyance but is shown to still enjoy his company.

Heather Holzwurm Upon Heather's admittance of her knowledge of Marc's cuteness, Heather begins to assist Mike, Megawatt, Mole, Adam, Argle, Xero, and Marc in defeating the various skeletons, and some other super villains which attack Forgo City.

Mole Mole is Xero's little partner and sidekick, when it comes to crime. Mole can transform into onjects so that Xero can use mole as a weapon to fight against criminals such as Rat, Baron Vain, and Eliana Ribs. But sometimes Xero finds mole as to cute, she even sometimes gives him a nice big hug.

Megawatt Xero would sometime would ask Megawatt for assistint. She would have him create more weapons for her to use them as for a back-up weapon for her to stop crime.

Mike The Ghost When ever Xero has no where to run to or to escape, Mike would quickly grab her and go through walls, so that she can be safe.

Disguises Edit

Lacey Shadows Lacey Shadows is Baron Vain's favorite henchwoman and criminal, and one of the personalities Agent Xero disguises as.

In this form, she has short, straight teal hair with purple hightlights, dark teal shadows and wears a black frilly dress with a lavender shirt under, black fingerless gloves, cyan buttons on it and a teal belt with a cyan buckle, black high-heeled boots and purple tights with stripes on it.

Lacey's personality is different from the pedestrians on the city, with some features. She is very sneaky and clever whenever Xero disguised as her to foil Baron Vain's evil schemes. She is somewhat athletic, tough, and sarcastic. Unlike Xero, she is really tomboyish for her age since she and Xero are the same age. Unlike Baron and Rat, she is not evil but seems unlikely.And her evil team up partner and boyfriend is Lizard Boy Which Lacey knew that lizard boy was actually Agent Marc but disguise.

Tiffany Stardome Probably her favorite form, Tiffany Stardome is one of Agent Xero's personalities she disguises as. She is a punk rockstar who is on a mission to stop the evils of Justin Bindle, and Victor Boo's. Her hair is similar to that of Lacey's, but is fully pink and wears dark violet eyes hadows. Her eyes and eyelashes are shaped differently, and wears a red top with a yellow star on it, dark blue finger less gloves, black belt with a silver rectangle-shaped buckle, blue skirt and black boots with stars on the back.

Tiffany is a stereotypical punk rockstar who almost isn't aware of things around her. She is a loyal girl who is willing to give people more feels, but can be in intense focus during her concerts

Weapons Edit

Xero's Ring is a telecommunication device that she and Mole use to communication with Marc and Katz. Due to it being much larger than her finger, Xero commonly drops the device.

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