— Agent Marc's signature line

Agent Marc is the first main protagonist in the Modifyers Unite series.

Appearance Edit

Marc has blue eyes, and short blue hair with three green stripes of hair. He also has a facial beard.

Marc's usual clothing consists on his upper body is a lime green short sleeve shirt, and a blue blazer. His lower body consists a black pants, and shoes.

Personality Edit

Agent Marc Sometimes goes out to Public when he wares different type of clothing. But at night time when he fights crime he hides and he has a vehicle that is a green hummer. But he's not bad. He just hides once the police arrives.

Relationships Edit

Xero Sharm has been Marc's since at least the graduated from college and was one of the first five people worked for The Modifyers. They actually met back during their childhood times but only one time at the Forgo city Park, when they were like 10-11. They did not mt again until 12 years later, for they're mid-20's. At the and eventually turned into romance by the end of the first season.

Argle Suppergist is one of Marc's best friends, and Partner. Unlike Marc Argle would practice Martial Arts such as karate. They met since during college.

Gallery Edit


  • His greatest Villain is Larry bones.
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